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של קבוצת המחקר של ד"ר יעל אלואיל – HousingLab: History and Future of Housing

הכנס יתקיים בין התאריכים 27-30/11 בפקולטה לארכיטקטורה ובינוי ערים בטכניון ובהדריון (מדעטק)


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מילות סיכום מהכנס ותמונות :

Humanity is facing an ongoing, global housing crisis with major consequences for social stability in cities and nations, and by implication for the lives and health of millions. Theorization of the crisis in housing studies points to neo-liberalisation processes which have since the 1980s transferred responsibility for housing provision from the state to global markets, corporate monopolies, and the dwellers themselves, assigning architects little agency to develop new methodologies for housing as a cultural product. ‘Architecture’ as a cultural product is thus often seen as distinct from ‘housing’ as a socio-economic need.

The vision of this Research Group is therefore a new outlook on the development of the housing crisis and on architecture’s role in addressing it, by rethinking the terminology used to discuss housing, and by developing a new vocabulary for researching and designing housing for the general public.

The workshop Words of Housing: Terms for an Architectural Manifesto was held last Wednesday (27.11.19) at the Technion, Haifa as a part of the Re-theorizing the Architecture of Housing as Grounds for Research and Practice Research Group in the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The workshop was attended by scholars involved in the MCMH COST group, graduate students and postdoctoral students from the Technion, the University of Lisbon and the Politecnico di Milano.