Urban Regeneration, Housing and Community Development Laboratory (URHCD Lab)

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Co-Directors: Prof. Naomi Carmon. Dr. Efrat Eizenberg

The URHCD Lab is a home for researchers in urban studies and planning who focus on social aspects of planning and the point of view of social justice / social equity. Among their subjects are:

  • Urban housing renewal – planning and evaluation
  • Culture-led urban regeneration
  • Immigrants’-led urban regeneration
  • Urban regeneration and heritage conservation
  • Industrial redevelopment
  • Housing policy
  • Affordable housing in a context of socio-economic mix
  • Community development
  • Place making
  • Social capital in the context of urban planning
  • Urban resilience – social and other components and impacts

Members of the URHCD Lab are faculty and graduate students at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning and the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, who share common areas of interest. The goal of their activities in the Lab framework is to encourage cross-fertilization for both scientific excellence and improved decision-making in the relevant areas.  These are intended to be promoted by means of joint research, conferences and symposiums, publication of papers, reports and books in Hebrew and English, and developing research contacts with colleagues in Israel and abroad. The target publics of the research and the events conducted by the URHCD Lab are the Israeli and international communities of knowledge, as well as decision makers and practicing planners in Israel, who exercise the practice of  urban regeneration, housing and community development.

The URHCD Lab is open to accept researchers who work on its subjects from inside the Faculty and beyond it.