Planning the Technion City

In November 2013, a multi-disciplinary, collaborative planning and design team was established at the Technion to initiate a unique process for developing a strategic master  plan, new zoning and active environmental enhancement for the Haifa/Nesher campus –  TechnionCity21. Since its initiation, the team, comprised of members from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, representatives of the Technion’s Division of Construction and Maintenance, and professional consultants, has set as its goals to advance the TechnionCity21 campus as a leading hub of higher education and cutting edge research, while supporting socially vibrant environmentally sustainable campus life.
The planning process addresses at the same time both short-term needs and long-term vision and is participatory in nature.
In order to meet these enthusiastic goals, the planning and design team is advancing along three parallel tracks to produce three planning and design products:
a. A strategic master plan
b. A new zoning code
c. Modules of initial interventions aimed to enhance the campus environment
The three parallel tracks have been planned to provide outcomes within two academic years (2014, 2015).
a. The strategic master plan will equip the Technion’s management with state of the art tools to develop and maintain the campus in its quest to compete in the global arena of higher education and academic research and as a flagship of excellence and inspiration. It is aimed to enhance its unique spatial characteristics as a home for its faculty, staff, students and visitors and guide the campus towards better integration into its urban and natural contexts.
b. The new zoning code is intended to design and secure approval for a revised statutory framework that is responsive to current and future needs and objectives of the TechnionCity21 campus.  It should facilitate the implementation of the strategic plan and remove many of the rather anachronistic barriers of the existing 1980 zoning.
c. Modules of initial intervention aimed to enhance the campus environment are immediate actions that reflect and fulfill elements of the strategic plan in real time. These interventions will enhance the campus physical and social environment and, simultaneously, serve as a platform for campus users and stakeholders, to effectively participate in the planning process and articulate their needs and desires.
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