Founder of the Center

Professor Moshe Hill

RIP (1930-1986)

Professor Moshe (Morris) Hill was the key founder of urban planning education in Israel and through that, the planning profession in Israel.

Born in 1930 in South Africa, Moshe was a PhD graduate in urban and regional planning from the University of Pennsylvania.  Upon his 'aliya' (immigration to Israel), he joined the Technion, and in 1970 founded Israel’s first and as yet only graduate accredited professional degree in urban and regional planning. At the same time, Professor Hill established the Technion’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies - Israel’s leading research center with a specific focus on these topics.  For many years Moshe led both the academic program and the research center.

Hill’s worldwide academic reputation was based on his path breaking method for evaluating alternative plans, a method known as the Goals Achievement Matrix.  This method integrates considerations of economic efficiency and social justice.  With a strong personal motivation to contributing to the improvement of urban and regional policymaking in Israel and thus to Israeli society, Moshe led several important research teams at the Technion. These included guidelines for public services, evaluation of Israel’s flagship Project Renewal, innovations in environmental policymaking and many more.  Prof. Hill was killed at the aged of 56 in a road accident while on an academic visit to South Africa.  But the academic institutions and the hundreds of students that he educated continue his mission – to train urban regional planners  of the highest academic caliber to be the agents for more socially just, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable cities and regions in Israel and globally.