SPaDe-The Spatial Planning and Design Laboratory
Directed by: Prof. Shamay Assif, Dr. Idan Porat, Dr. Arch. Dalit Shach-Pinsly
 SPaDe applies unique approaches to multi-parametric GIS data modeling and analysis for Spatial Planning and Design purposes. Its uniqueness is in its ability to integrate cutting-edge knowledge and tools from academic research and from professional practice, with the clear intent to contribute to a more effective and sustainable Spatial Planning and Design.
 The Spatial Capital lab
Directed by: Prof. Amnon Frenkel
 The lab serves as an incubator for the implementation and development of studies that assemble capital resource profiles of local authorities in Israel.
Directed by: Prof. Carmon Naomi
 The Urban Regeneration, Housing and Community Development Laboratory (URHCD Lab) is a home for researchers in urban studies and planning who focus on social aspects of planning and the point of view of social justice / social equity.