SPaDe-The Spatial Planning and Design Laboratory
Directed by: Prof. Shamay Assif, Dr. Idan Porat, Dr. Arch. Dalit Shach-Pinsly
 SPaDe applies unique approaches to multi-parametric GIS data modeling and analysis for Spatial Planning and Design purposes. Its uniqueness is in its ability to integrate cutting-edge knowledge and tools from academic research and from professional practice, with the clear intent to contribute to a more effective and sustainable Spatial Planning and Design.
 The Spatial Capital lab
Directed by: Prof. Amnon Frenkel
 The lab serves as an incubator for the implementation and development of studies that assemble capital resource profiles of local authorities in Israel.
 Urban Regeneration, Housing And Community Development Lab
Directed by: Prof. Carmon Naomi, Dr. Efrat Eizenberg
 The Urban Regeneration, Housing and Community Development Laboratory (URHCD Lab) is a home for researchers in urban studies and planning who focus on social aspects of planning and the point of view of social justice / social equity.
The Human and Biodiversity Research Lab 
Directed by: Assistant Professor Assaf Shwartz
 The research in the lab examines how human activity the natural environment, and what are the economic advantages and other advantages in maintaining nature.

Our aim is to try to propose solutions for planning and sustainable management of natural and disturbed environments for the common benefit of man and nature.

Technion Socio-Ecological Research Group
Directed by: Assistant Professor Daniel Orenstein
 Our research focuses on socio-ecological research in theory and practice. In issues that concern ecosystem service assessment, population-environment policy discourse and perceptions of landscapes and nature.