Marine Spatial Planning of Israel- Stakeholders


Introduction Framework Stakeholders Reports GIS ASDA Project


The project teams will include a team of stakeholders that will include representatives from the public and private sectors:
 Government Ministries and Agencies:
1.The Prime Minister’s Office
2.The Ministry of Environmental Protection
3.The Ministry of the Interior
4.The Ministry of Energy and Water
5.The Ministry of Agriculture
6.The Ministry of the Defense
7.The Ministry of Transport
8.The Ministry of Justice
9.The Foreign Ministry
10.The Ministry of Communications
11.The Treasury Department
12.The Ministry of Tourism
13.The Ministry of Science and Technology
Other Public Agencies
1.The Nature and Parks Authority
2.Israel Ports Authority
3.President of the Chamber of Shipping of Israel
4.Member of Israel Natural Gas Lines
5.Water Authority
6.Israel Antiquities Authority
7.Gas Authority
8.Electric Company
9.Marine Shippers Union
1.Adam, Teva V’din
2.The Society of Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)
1.Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel
2.Fishermen Union (Jaffa, Haifa)
3.Chairman of the Israel’s National Sailing Union
4.Center for the Study of Marine Mammals (Mahmal”i)
*Some of the above mentioned organizations have not been approached yet, as we are waiting to coordinate these meetings with the Ministry of the Interior