Conservation ‘Identity’ and Marine Protected Areas Management: A Mediterranean case study

Portman, M.E and Nathan, D


Published in: Journal of Nature Conservation, (in print), 2014.

Protection of natural environments sought through management plans varies greatly between countries; characterizing these differences and what motivates them can inform future regional and international conservation efforts.  This research builds on previous work, published in Ambio, addressing the spatial distribution of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean Sea. This paper examines the relationship between a “protection level” (PL) score and a set of variables pertaining to each country’s conservation efforts, economic conditions, and human impact along the coast using regression analysis. Four sets of models demonstrated country characteristics that correlate with higher protection levels within marine protected areas (MPAs).  Certain contextual factors  – particularly economic dependence on the marine environment, efforts at terrestrial conservation and greater human impact  – were found to be significantly associated with higher PLs among the northern littoral countries of the Mediterranean. Such findings can inform policy makers about where efforts and investments should be directed for marine conservation.