Current research (2016-2019)

1. Urban regeneration and housing policy

1.1 Housing Regeneration Strategies: Towards Evidence-Based Practice
Naomi Carmon with post-doc Nava Kainer Persov
Funded by ISF – Israel Science foundation (270,000 NIS)

1.2 Housing Renewal and Structural Reinforcement in Israel’s Peripheral Towns
Naomi Carmon with Yechiel Rosenfeld, Tami Gavrieli, Inna Burstein and Doron Assis
Funded by Israel Ministry of Housing and Construction (230,755 NIS)

1.3 Housing Cooperative In Israel: Challenges and Opportunities
Aviv Negbi with Efrat Eizenberg and Naomi Carmon

1.4 A New Type of Urban Open Space in Housing Developments
Orli Sasson with Efrat Eizenberg

1.5 Housing Renewal – Physical Demonstration and Analysis of Two Scenarios in Ashdod (Research by Design)
Michal Iuclea with Meirav Aharon Gutman and others
Funded by Israel Ministry of Housing and Construction

2. Urban Resilience

2.1 Urban Resilience – The Concept and the Factors that Influence It
PhD student Aya Dolev with Amnon Frenkel and

2.2 Towards Resilience Strategy for Cities and Towns in Israel
M.Sc. student Romy Couriel with Naomi Carmon

3. Regeneration of post-industrial areas

3.1 Defragmentation of the Urban Fabric: Renewed Industrial Areas in Israel
Lihi Mazta, with Efrat Eizenberg

4. Regeneration through place making

4.1 Place – Between Theory and Practice
Mai Rosenberg, with Efrat Eizenberg